Straightforward yet powerful accounting software

As a fully integrated solution, your day-to-day financial accounting are taken care of whilst all of the functionality that your Accounts department would expect are available, such as accruals, prepayments, managing your VAT return and preparing draft accounts.

Sales Order Processing

Automate your order processing and increase your capacity whilst minimising the additional resources you need to have available.

Sales Orders may be entered directly and easily (such as whilst the customer is on the phone) or imported from external sources, including websites (both third party and built using axis vMerchant), other eCommerce solutions (for example Agent Apps such as Blue Alligator) or EDI solutions (such as OpenText Freeway).

Manage your quotations (in conjunction with the axis diplomat CRM functionality) and convert to orders with a single click (and use Business Intelligence to monitor your conversion rate).

Purchase Order Processing

Provide effective control and analysis of your purchasing with axis diplomat.

You are able to restrict the entry and/or authorisation of purchase orders on a user by user basis (with spending limits).

Update expected receipt dates (with or without an Advanced Shipping Note or Purchase Delivery Advice from your supplier) to provide your sales team with accurate forecasts of stock availability whilst your warehouse team can prepare for receiving large shipments.

Automate purchasing with a host of suppliers in a range of different industries and use automated processing to generate suggested ordering lists and recommend the best suppliers.

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger allows the financial structure of the company to be shown in detail and takes the bookkeeping operations through to a Trial Balance and Draft Accounts, incorporating Trading Account, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

Analysis of the Nominal Ledger is multi-tiered; information can be analysed by:

  • Individual account
  • Account groups
  • Departments
  • Cost centres

The Nominal Ledger features all of the facilities you would expect from a sophisticated financial package, including accruals, prepayments and interfaces to the axis payroll software. The Nominal Ledger also features an advanced set of Budgeting tools.

Cash Book

Cash Book

axis diplomat provides a Cash Book to manage both your Petty Cash and your Bank Accounts.


Full facilities exist to cover the reconciliation of bank statements, entry and allocation of cash receipts and cash payments, along with standing orders and, on multi currency systems, support for currency bank accounts.

Stock Ledger

Stock Ledger

axis diplomat offers class-leading stock control capabilities and includes real-time integration with your Nominal Ledger. When using the manufacturing-orientated modules (Bill of Materials and Compact MRP) you are also able to represent accurate Work-in-Progress valuations within your accounts.

Workshop Job Management

Workshop Job Management

For those carrying out time-and-material based work, such as repair and maintenance, the Workshop Job Management module gives you accurate control and reporting.


Workshop Job Management allows jobs to be entered, in a similar way to sales orders, and then to book labour and parts against those jobs. Invoices can be raised for given jobs based on the costs booked against them.

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