Increase warehouse productivity & efficiency

Reduce picking errors, simplify pick walks and capture data in real time to maximise ROI and improve the efficiency of your operations.


Warehouse Management System


axis diplomat's Warehouse Management System combines technologies such as barcode printing and scanning, wireless handheld computing and carrier integration for real-time data capture.


From the moment an item arrives at your warehouse, axis diplomat helps to speed up your operations:

  • During Goods Received, identify the purchase order (or your supplier's Delivery Advice) and items can be received, using either barcode scanning or a handheld PDA's touch-screen interface.


  • For those items received from suppliers who do not barcode their products, these can be labelled at the point of receipt - you can print the required number of labels for each item, in real-time.
  • When goods are packed away, you can enforce the identification of the bin location by scanning a barcoded shelf label (these can also be produced by axis diplomat).


  • As items are placed into bins, axis diplomat's stock availability figures are updated and, once a delivery has been received, these items can be back-flushed to orders awaiting them. These back-orders then automatically appear as ready to be picked.

Streamline goods inwards

Integrated handheld terminals positively identify inventory and its location to create fewer discrepancies during replenishment and picking whilst reducing unnecessary re-ordering.

No more running on empty

Create greater efficiency and productivity between bulk storage and picking inventory with daily replenishment, re-stocking pick locations through automation.

Error-free picking

Ensuring operators accurately select the correct item and quantity with no prior product knowledge through barcoding and mobile computer scanning reduces returns and custumer complaints. De-skilling the pick process allows temporary staff to be used to handle peak demand.


Consignment refinement

Precise delivery method selection before orders reach the warehouse provides consignment automation and interfaces with your carriers without re-keying information. This reduces errors and failed deliveries whilst ensuring that the optimal carrier is always selected.

Stock Control

Regardless of the size of your warehouse, the class-leading stock control capabilities of axis diplomat will help you gain tighter business control.

Designed to function on either a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis, or using batch or serial numbered control, axis diplomat keeps track of every receipt, issue or adjustment. This gives you accurate costing and full traceability.

Accurate stock control is the bedrock of the system and allows more accurate and less wasteful purchasing decisions and can introduce a degree of automation to the purchasing process. Providing real-time and reliable stock availability figures to your sales staff also means that they can give more accurate information to customers, meaning fewer broken promises and better customer relations.

Multi-Location Stock

Whether you have one physical warehouse divided into logical areas (such as bulk, pick and quarantine) or you have a number of physical locations in different parts of the country (or even in different countries), axis diplomat can help you manage your stock more effectively.

Stock is issued from, received at, and transferred between locations so accurate stock figures for each warehouse are maintained at all times.

 Within each warehouse, stock may be held in a single dedicated bin (typical, for example, in a pick location) or spread across a number of bins based on availability (such as in a bulk warehouse).

Stock Lines

Manage ranges of products that are stocked and sold in variations such as size and/or colour - ideal for managing clothing and equally useful for a wide range of other applications, from paper to paint!

Each individual variant or SKU (for example a specific combination of size and colour) exists as a separate stock item. It has its own stock figures (for example, stock on hand, allocations, free stock, etc.) with attributes to differentiate the SKUs within the Stock Line. 

Information that is applicable to the entire Stock Line is maintained once only, simplifying the entire process of managing lines whilst allowing variations within the line (for example when a higher price applies to very large sizes).


Record and track stock items by serial number or batch number and manage Best Before dates and Warranty periods more easily.

Batch Traceability

The Batch Traceability mode records one set of traceability details for each stock receipt. Stock issues may, of course, be from a mixture of batches.


Serial Number Traceability

This works in a similar manner to Batch Number Traceability, except that the details are recorded for each individual item, rather than each whole receipt.







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