Helping you leverage every benefit from your Software

We understand that you need expert help and assistance to get the best from your chosen business software. This is why we provide a wide range  of services to help you every step of the way.


Our team of consultants are involved in every project from the outset and our goal is to understand, as fully as possible, your business so that we may offer the advice and guidance on the software that you need and how best to use it.

For a new client, this may involve seeing your current processes, often including...

Following a sales order from receipt of order (or even earlier if there is a quotation stage) through to picking, packing and dispatch

If you receive orders from multiple sources (for example, by phone, from your website and from other marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon) then we will explore the ways in which the processes may vary for each source

Following the purchasing process, whether back-to-back (or dropship from supplier) or for stock

Understanding your warehouse processes including goods inwards, stock take, replenishment and picking


We place a huge emphasis on the consultancy element of the projects that we undertake as we believe that, the better our understanding of your business processes, the better our advice will be.

Project Management

We recognise that most businesses only very rarely implement new ERP or line-of-business systems and that it can be a daunting process. For the consultancy team at axisfirst, however, it is our bread and butter!

We accept that it is our role to guide you through the process. This begins with consultancy and involves drawing up and agreeing with you a detailed project plan, with defined milestones. The project is broken down into a number of manageable tasks and each of these is allocated to either our own deployment team or to your staff as appropriate.

A detailed project plan is essential to delivering a smooth implementation... and a smooth implementation is essential to good staff buy-in and the successful adoption of a new system.

As part of our investment is ensuring that we deliver effective and stress-free projects, we have ensured that all our consultants have been trained in current methodologies such as PRINCE2 (you can find out more about PRINCE2 on Wikipedia at


Ensuring that the users of any software solution get the most out of that software is key to realising the maximum return on investment. All training provided by axisfirst is bespoke and tailored to the specific project. As part of the creation of a project plan, we will agree with you who is to be trained, when and on what aspects of the system.

Options for training include on-site or at our own offices in Somerset or Worcestershire. Most clients opt for on-site training although training at our own offices can be beneficial if only because those being trained are away from their normal working environment with its associated interruptions!

We can provide user training for all of your staff or we can focus on training several key individuals, who then in turn become responsible for internal training. This latter approach brings a number of benefits, not least of which is that investing in a small number of people who become experts in the whole operation of the system gives you the resources to adapt your use of the system in the future more effectively, as your needs change.

help desk

Any ERP or business crititcal software solution is only as good as the on-going support and services available for it. We provide a range of services to help you to continue to get the most from your axis diplomat and axis payroll software - not only a Help Desk but a number of additional services as well.

axisfirst Software Support

At axisfirst we're able to provide software support for any version of axis diplomat still within mainstream support and, to a limited degree, for systems within the Extended Support phase.

axisfirst Software Support Contracts entitle you to unlimited support via telephone within normal office hours, by email or via the Customer Portal website. Customers with systems covered by a Support Contract are also entitled to free level upgrades within their version.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance is an option that can be added to your axisfirst Software Support Contract and entitles you to any new versions of software that are released whilst you have that Software Assurance option in place.

Safe Off-Site Storage

The Safe Off-Site Storage (SOS) service allows axis diplomat customers to subscribe to a service that will automatically send an overnight backup to our own backup servers via the Internet. This helps to protect your data in the event of flood, fire, theft or other disaster as the backup is off-site.

Implementation Services Packs (Time Unit Based)

Implementation Services Packs (generally known as TUBS Packs or Time-Unit-Based-Support) provide a mechanism to allow you to pre-purchase blocks of time that can be used for specific Implementation-orientated services not covered by a conventional Support Contract.

Typical services provided using Implementation Services Packs include:

  • Document Design Creation or Revision
  • Business Intelligence Configuration (such as custom selectors, KPIs and Dashboards)
  • Spreadsheet/SQL Query Writing and Maintenance
  • Implementation Services Pack can also be used for minor modifications and revisions to any website built by axisfirst.

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