axis payroll

axis payroll is a comprehensive, highly versatile package that fully automates the payroll function of your company; relieve your payroll staff of many hours of complex calculations and paperwork. Naturally, axis payroll also integrates with your axis diplomat Nominal Ledger.


axis payroll caters for:

Any number of payrolls

Up to 5,000 employees on each payroll

Weekly, fornightly, four weekly and monthly payments

Both salaried and hourly paid employees

Piece rate and casual labour

Up to 1000 different types of payment and deduction


Pension Schemes

online submission

Online Submissions

axis payroll includes the ability to submit your RTI (Real Time Information) Employer Payment Summary to HM Revenue & Customs via their web service.


In addition to providing the tools necessary to run your company's Payroll, axis payroll also includes an extensive range of functionality for managing the HR aspects of employment. Even businesses that outsource their Payroll can still use axis payroll purely for it's HR facilities!

Facilities include:

  • Holiday and sickness recording
  • Extensive contact details including home and work mobile numbers, home and work email addresses
  • Multiple next-of-kin contacts
  • Qualification tracking, including reminders of when qualifications expire
  • Driving licence and passport details
  • Photograph
  • Start-of-employment status tracking including signed contract received, references received, etc.
  • Event recording and reminders to cover, for example, annual appraisals and salary reviews


axis payroll provides tools for assisting with identifying employees who should be enrolled in Workplace Pension schemes. Administration of pension schemes, including both Workplace Pensions and private pension schemes are easily managed by axis payroll.

Workplace Pension Provider interfaces currently supported by axis payroll include:


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