Increase productivity of your sales and customer services teams

Manage your day-to-day interaction with both your customers and prospects, not just in Sales but for everyone, from Customer Service to Credit Control. By bringing every department's interactions with your clients into one system, everyone benefits from seeing the whole picture.

Campaign Management

Create campaigns for one-off marketing exercises or for repeat, regular calls.

CRM calls for your sales teams

Use campaigns to create CRM calls for your sales team, send emailshots, using axis diplomat's built-in email capability or through third party services such as MailChimp™ and even create mailing labels for posting catalogues and mailers.

Using customer data more effectively

Create marketing campaigns from mailing lists or by precisely targeting your existing customers based on their profile or buying history. Use Business Intelligence to target customers who are not buying certain products, or have stopped buying those products.


axis diplomat allows you to maintain your database of prospects as well as existing customers.

Use all of the same CRM functionality for prospects as for customers and, when they become a customer, all of that history is maintained.

Import mailing lists from external sources, from people subscribing to newsletters on your website or by adding them yourself from inbound calls, enquiries or at exhibitions.

Call History

Every axis diplomat system has built-in call history functionailty, just like the 'ticketing' systems that, for other ERP systems, are often an expensive add-on or a third party product.

Calls track the interactions with your customers and prospects, whether telephone conversations, emails or notes from face-to-face meetings.

Calls may be linked to other calls (for the same customer or for different customers) allowing you to see trends, such as recurring faults. Calls may also be linked to documents, such as quotes, sales orders and invoices, making it easy for everyone to see, for example, the disputed invoices relating to a credit control issue.

Categorise calls

Categorise calls

By department:





Create your own custom call categories to allow you to analyse data in the way that you want.

Assign responsibility

Assign responsibility

Calls may be assigned to individuals or to departments. When assigning a call to an individual, they receive an email with the details of the call and an attached shortcut that takes them directly into updating the call.

Analyse calls

Analyse calls

Use the call history system to analyse performance, work load and time spent. Functions within axis diplomat allow you to view your calls in a prioritised list, improving workflow.

Document  management

Document  management

Attach any external documents that are relevant to calls so that everyone can access the background information - these can be anything from an ITT (Invitation to Tender) to photographs of an office prior to quoting for supplying furniture.

Service Contracts

The Service Contract Management module not only allows you to control the billing of paid services (such as monthly or annual maintenance contracts) but also allows you to track the services provided.


Using Call History, service calls are assigned to the appropriate Service Contract, giving you, at a glance, the history of the services provided and the ability to determine the profitability of individual contracts.


A further module, the Customer Asset Database allows you to identify the individual items of equipment that service calls related to.

Business Intelligence

By integrating all aspects of your dealings with your customers and prospects - sales, service, accounts and R&D, into a single system, bring all of the information together and see the complete picture.

Gap Analysis

Identify customers that:

  • Buy a particular group of products
  • Don't buy certain products
  • Buy one group of products but not another
  • Bought a group of products at one time but not another

Use this information to populate marketing campaigns. Maintain margins by only targeting special offers to customers not already buying those promotional products.


Create dashboards, for individuals or across whole teams, so that everyone can see at a glance how they are performing.


Assign targets and provide gauges and graphs that show the current progress against those targets.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Analyse your sales and purchases in great detail and in many different ways:

  • by month or by year
  • by customer type
  • by sales agent
  • by product type
  • by user-defined categories

Drill-down to individual transactions to understand the underlying data; export information to spreadsheets with a single click or create graphs to represent the data visually.

Analyse throughout axis diplomat

Business Intelligence is not limited to a few specific functions - anywhere in axis diplomat that you see a list of data, you can sort it, filter it, re-order, add and remove columns and then export as a PDF or as a spreadsheet.


By integrating all aspects of your dealings with your customers and prospects - sales, service, accounts and R&D, into a single system, bring all of the information together and see the complete picture.

Email Archive

By interfacing with an email archive, axis diplomat can provide you with a complete view of all emails between your company and your client, irrespective of who sent or received the email.

Telephony Integration

Want  to know who's calling before you answer? Want customer and supplier information brought up on your screen the instant that you answer a call? Like to have the system dial a customer or supplier contact for you? With a compatible phone system, all of these are possible and more.

Postcode Address Retrieval

By interfacing with the postcode lookup facilities provided by PCA Predict (formerly PostcodeAnywhere), axis diplomat can make the process of taking address details over the phone easier, more accurate and more efficient.

Users of the axis vMerchant eCommerce solution can also use PCA Predict to simplify the checkout process.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

Companies calling prospective customers should be aware of their responsibility to ensure that those prospects, whether individuals or commercial organisations, are not registered with the Telephone Preference Service, or TPS (or, in the case of a fax shot, the Fax Preference Service, or FPS). axis diplomat allows numbers to be validated against an online TPS/FPS database and to retain the details of validation, along with the date when re-validation is required.

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